There’s a very thin veil

There’s a very thin veil

Between this world and the next

That billows as we leave

What’s good for what’s best:

As summer-flutter sheers

Grant a glimpse outdoors.

Heavy feet on Calvary,

Bereft of all pride,

Boast in affliction of 

One who steps in stride:

The tread has worn a trench,

Into which He pours.


A tiny little moment,

I almost let it pass-

It bubbled between naptime

And pickup’s screaming dash.

Not something to remember,

Just a tear-cheek kiss-

But the narrow road to heaven

Is cobbled just like this.

Gather Us In

Lord, I can’t reach.

My arms wrench from burning sockets,

My head spins and the world before my eyes is 


They are falling


Falling away

Down down down

I don’t wonder where they’re falling to–

I know.

Falling in their sleep,

The shrieking wind of plummeting doesn’t even wake them

As it geysers up nostrils and insists on open eyelids.

So s t r e t c h e d 

Bones could pierce through my skin and jet out to them like ammunition,

To catch to catch to catch!

Lord, I can’t reach!

Falling falling


Lord, I can’t can’t can’t-


I am


Like the lunar surface,

Like a rambling, neglected 

Dirt road.

Rain still seeps between

The bits of gravel used for fill

Under a woven cover of


I breathe, and the evil I do not will

Wriggles from

Weeping-wracked wounds.

I retch wretches,

Clutch clutches,

Breed broods–

Until the gossamer goes, 

And I stand instead-