Year of Mercy

When fear’s fire is hot

With no worthwhile thought,

Flee to the last hope of men:

God won’t give a Damn

Unless we beg for one-

And maybe, not even then.

I feel this demands comment because it can be interpreted two ways, by the one who hopes and by the one who despairs. The one who despairs sees an apathetic God, or perhaps no God at all. The one who hopes sees that even in her own brokenness, she always has the promise of Heaven if she fights on. The last line speaks of the power of intercession and Mercy for all souls.

I’m not enough.

There it is.

Not enough, never enough-

Inadequate.  Insufficient.

I was never tested under these conditions before now-

The prize fight for a proving ground,

Opening night for the audition.


I am green and red and blue,

Sure to lose dignity, pride, and place-

But the only way out is through,

The only end-

True to every story ever told-

Is to embark, all unwillingly, on

Another New.

I’m leaving the Tower of Babel.

We shake our fists and throw up our hands,

Bellow and shriek to waken the damned,

Hedged round by sound, each soul a faction-

Drown in inchoate echoes or 

Flee to put love in action?

I’m leaving the Tower of Babel.