Gather Us In

Lord, I can’t reach.

My arms wrench from burning sockets,

My head spins and the world before my eyes is 


They are falling


Falling away

Down down down

I don’t wonder where they’re falling to–

I know.

Falling in their sleep,

The shrieking wind of plummeting doesn’t even wake them

As it geysers up nostrils and insists on open eyelids.

So s t r e t c h e d 

Bones could pierce through my skin and jet out to them like ammunition,

To catch to catch to catch!

Lord, I can’t reach!

Falling falling


Lord, I can’t can’t can’t-


I am


Like the lunar surface,

Like a rambling, neglected 

Dirt road.

Rain still seeps between

The bits of gravel used for fill

Under a woven cover of


I breathe, and the evil I do not will

Wriggles from

Weeping-wracked wounds.

I retch wretches,

Clutch clutches,

Breed broods–

Until the gossamer goes, 

And I stand instead-


déjà vu

Five fat fingers, each

Haloed with its own profound


Deep and then spreading

In a glaze-thin layer

Until all the baby roundness

Has seeped and dripped off-

Licked and lapped up

Until the spoon is clean and

Not even one hint of that sticky

Sweet messy memory has



The hands have grown

Nimble fingers,

Fingers that don’t want to be held.


I do




All I do has been done.

Will be done.

Thine, and Thine only.






Other men may build great halls.

Other mothers may raise great saints.


All I want has been wanted.

All I know has been known.

This fire or that both sear.


Thine, and Thine only-


The Sum of all longing

and all fears.

A morning offering

Sweet Lord Jesus, I give you my day;

Most Sacred Heart, defend me, I pray.

Open my eyes to see only Your Glory,

Open my lips to tell only Your Story,

Strengthen my hands to do only Your Will,

Let my feet walk Your paths or let them be still.

From Your wounded side, fill me with graces

To set hearts afire in all the dark places. Amen.

This is the morning offering I wrote for my children. We say it each morning, pointing to eyes and lips, opening and closing hands, and marching feet at the appropriate verses 😊