You are you and

I am me and

The house and

The kids and

The food and

The state of the car and

The laundry and

Only one whole universe.

I feel it, sometimes

Orbiting and pulsing near my


Encircling my 


Tickling my

Left pinky toe in that way that

Bites and burns inside my shoe.

I guess everything really is my fault

When I am a universe and

You are you.

I know I am a burden,

Life ever onward goes-

But absence is too easy,

Where grief’s pain only grows.

So please, my friend,

I beg you-

Please don’t leave me here alone.

I need to see and be seen,

To touch, to know, be known.

Presence cannot shatter

What already fell apart,

Be here, be still, and help me

Hold my fractured, weeping heart.


I know it’s hard to breathe sometimes,

I know it’s hard to pray,

I know the world stopped making sense

Because I couldn’t stay.

Your eyes are drained of tears to cry;

To wake and face each day

Demands the dregs of borrowed strength

Because I couldn’t stay.

In an unimaginable future,

There may be comfort I am free,

But here, in numb dark, only:

I couldn’t stay with thee.

Don’t let the darkness keep you,

Though stumble blind and crash you may:

Our hearts could never be unbound just

Because I couldn’t stay.

I didn’t lose you,

Misplace you carelessly,

Like a set of keys or

An earring back.

I know where you are,

Where you lived and you died.

I have traced a thousand paths,

Believing in my pride

I could have kept you, if only for-


I carry you still,

Biding your time until 

We truly must part-

My grief is a throbbing


Hammering in place of your heart.

My body is lovely as it 

Holds the still full shape of you.

A last remembrance-

A promise of reunion.

He does not begin 

What He does not complete.

The empty vase pleading to remember

There is a spring.